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Farm Insurance

At Elders Insurance, we have a proud history of providing local service and solutions in rural and regional Australia.

Our farm insurance cover can be fully tailored to include options specific to your needs. We understand that every farm is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to rural insurance.

Our policies are designed to cover the kind of risks unique to farming. Those risks can take many different forms and your local Elders Insurance agent can help you to identify which need to be included in your farm insurance cover.

We can provide you with cover for storm damage, machinery catching fire or suffering damage, theft of vehicles or equipment and more.

Your local Elders Insurance agent can advise you on how to carry out a risk management plan which will then inform the nature of your farm insurance policy.

Adequate cover for your farm may involve insuring against the risk of an injury to you or another person from an animal on your property.

It might also cover the fire risk to neighbouring properties of sparks caused by welding on a hot day.

No matter what risks you choose to insure against, we can help you to select covers which will provide you with protection in the event the unexpected occurs.

We can also ensure your farm insurance cover enables your farm to stay in business while it is recovering from an insured event.

One of the best things about dealing with a local Elders Insurance agent is that they know all about the specific needs of farmers in your region.

We will visit you at your farm and really get to know your operations inside out. That's how we will ensure that the policy we provide is customised to suit your needs.

If you're not sure if you've got the right insurance or enough insurance, then let's have a chat.

Home & Contents

Your Elders Farm Insurance Policy gives you the flexibility to choose from either Insured Events or Accidental damage cover:

1. Insured Events

This covers you for a nominated event such as:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Lightning or thunderbolt
  • Fire, smoke or explosion
  • Earthquake or Tsunami
  • Storm, rainwater or wind (excluding flood)
  • Malicious acts
  • Impact from falling trees, motor vehicles or aircraft
  • Breakage of fixed glass
  • Power surge to domestic appliances or domestic equipment
  • Other events as listed in the policy

2. Accidental Damage

This gives you wider cover for accidental loss of or damage to your home and contents unless an event is specifically included.

Farm & Property Cover

There are two cover types that apply to the Farm Property section of your policy:

1. Insured Events

Applies to:

  • Livestock;
  • Mobile machinery; and
  • Unspecified mobile machinery.

2. Accidental Damage

Applies to:

  • Buildings;
  • Contents;
  • Fences;
  • Hay, silage and grain;
  • Immobile machinery; and
  • Unspecified mobile machinery

Vehicle Cover

The vehicle section of the policy gives you the flexibility to choose between two types of cover:


Insures you for:

  • Accidental damage to, or theft of the insured motor vehicle; and
  • Third party property damage.

Third Party Property Damage

This insures your legal liability for damage you cause to other people's property.

It also includes the additional benefit - Uninsured motorist benefit.

Farm Liability Insurance

Regardless of how careful you are on a farm, accidents can occur. When they happen to visitors, or affect the property of others, you as the farm owner can be held liable.

That's why farm liability insurance is such a critical part of providing cover for the risks of farming.

At Elders Insurance, we have a long history of providing insurance solutions to farm owners all over Australia. We understand the risks involved in farming and that these risks will vary in type and magnitude for each client.

Our local agents can provide you with farm liability cover by matching our policies to your specific needs.

We can cover your liability to pay compensation for Personal Injury and Property Damage which arises out of your farm business up to the amount of your sum insured.

When you choose our farm liability insurance, we will also pay some other costs in addition to the sum insured.

These include any legal costs incurred by us or you (if we have agreed in writing to pay) for the defence or negotiation of settlement of any claim for which you are insured.

Also covered are any expenses incurred by you for emergency first aid and treatment to others.

There are many situations in which you may be judged liable for injuries or property damage sustained by third parties.

For example, someone may slip and fall as a result of the physical condition of your farm.

Alternatively, your farm equipment may accidentally cause damage to roads or neighbouring properties.

Farm liability insurance can protect you from the financial strain of having to pay compensation for such events.

Your local Elders Insurance agent will work with you to make sure you select the right covers for your farm liability policy and that your sums insured provide the appropriate level of protection.

Other Cover Available

The following insurance covers are also available for inclusion under the farm policy:

  • Home and contents
  • Private motor vehicles
  • Boat
  • Personal accident injury and illness
  • Business interruption
  • Theft
  • Transit
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Electronic equipment
  • Working dogs
  • Equine and stud stock
  • Tax Audit

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